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Streamlining tech for maximum efficiency: Avoiding unnecessary waste
ByMark Weller
Posted on July 2024

Last year, we saw many organisations kick off ‘transformation’ projects ranging in scope from the aggregation of several smaller change projects, collectively badged as transformation, to attempts ...

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Cloud adoption: Evolving your strategy to maximise the benefits
ByKevin Hall and Ed Humphrey
Posted on June 2024

​With much of the conversation about business transformation having focused in recent years on cloud migration, the reality for many businesses who have taken a ‘cloud first’ approach is they end u...

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Welcome: Elizabeth Rolton, Business Analyst at ECMS UK
ByPete Machin
Posted on May 2024

​We would like to introduce Elizabeth Rolton, the newest member of our UK ECMS Team. She joins us with 25 years financial services experience, with her most recent roles being in insurance and rein...

Data Remediation: Fixing common data problems in insurance
ByKevin Hall and Kumar Jyoti
Posted on May 2024

​In the intricate world of specialist insurance, a significant challenge looms at the board level: a data problem leading to capital being tied up on the balance sheet, compounded by auditors apply...

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David Hagan joins ECMS in Hong Kong as Associate Director
ByJeremy Nicholls
Posted on April 2024

​ECMS is pleased to announce the addition of David Hagan to the Hong Kong team. David joins ECMS with a wealth of experience in the recruitment and staffing industry and business development in the...

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Marcius Goh joins ECMS in Singapore as Senior Consultant
ByRoss Carter
Posted on April 2024

​ECMS is pleased to announce the addition of Marcius Goh to the team in Singapore. Marcius joins ECMS with diverse experience in recruitment and business development in the insurance space. Ross Ca...

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Revolutionising Wagering Systems: A Case Study in Agile Transformation and Resource Management
ByJeremy Nicholls
Posted on April 2024

​The client, a global leader in wagering organisation, is authorised by the government to oversee horse racing and offer responsible sports wagering and lottery services. ECMS Asia’s collaboration ...

Spotlight on... Mary Delfin
ByMary Delfin
Posted on March 2024

​What is your role in ECMS?Consultant (Data and Digital Specialist)What drives you?I am driven by the opportunity to excel in sales, meet and exceed targets, and, most importantly, build genuine co...

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Spotlight on... Wendy Li
ByWendy Li
Posted on February 2024

What is your role in ECMS?Associate Director.What drives you?What truly drives me is the opportunity to cultivate the next generation and set people up for success. Witnessing the growth and achiev...

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Automating underwriting: embedding artificial intelligence in insurance business
ByMark Weller
Posted on February 2024

Amid all the excitement over the business transformation that will be driven by the appetite for artificial intelligence, the reality of what companies will do about implementing AI over the next 1...