As an HR masters and CIPD graduate, I have been working in the recruitment and talent acquisition world for 18 years and have experience working in both agencies and in the internal TA function. I have extensive experience with contractor and permanent hires and most recently this has been in financial services working for a large investment bank, locally and globally. After a career break, I am excited to start a new chapter by joining ECMS as a talent manager looking after their associate and permanent hires as they expand and grow in the marketplace.

I enjoy the balance of using my recruitment knowledge, with listening and responding to applicants and supporting their career development. I get the most out of my role by matching talent with an honest and consultative approach, to the relevant stakeholders we partner with, whilst providing strategic insight where possible. 


​ECMS have been exceptional in accepting the flexibility I need for my home commitments, but above and beyond the flexibility, is the passion and drive from all the members of the team. The strategic direction of the company is exciting, and it’s a great time to really come in and make an impact. Where there is such a focus on growth, I am excited to own the talent process, as this is such an important part of the jigsaw.

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Senior Level – Change Business Analyst
City of London

​We are looking for a change focused Business Analyst to join our team at ECMS. This is a hybrid role with ample opportunities for growth. ​ ​ Who you are: ​ ​ You will have an extensive background...

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Mid Level – Change Business Analyst 
City of London

​ We are looking for a Change focused Business Analyst to join our team at ECMS. This is a hybrid role with ample opportunities for growth. ​ ​ Who you are: ​ ​ You will have an extensive backgroun...

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Senior Level – IT Business Analyst 
City of London

​We are looking for an IT focused Business Analyst to join our team at ECMS. This is a hybrid role with ample opportunities for growth. ​ ​ Who you are: ​ ​ You will have an extensive background as...

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