​Roshni is a highly strategic and empowering leader who implements clear IT and business change through effective consultation, negotiation and delivery within the insurance space. She bridges the gap between the ever-growing complex business needs with technical and systematic solutions adherent to respective regulatory requirements.

Roshni has a passion for InsurTech and enjoys hosting and participating in round table discussions and attending conferences and events to further enhance her knowledge.

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Spotlight on... Anya White

​What is your role at ECMS?I am a Business Analyst at ECMS. Your biggest challenge in your career and how have you overcome it?​The most common one has been overcoming my fear of not being good eno...

Welcome: Adele Bywater new Talent Manager at ECMS

​We’re delighted to announce AdeleBywater has joined the ECMS team as a Talent Manager.A word from Adele: As an HR masters and CIPD graduate, I have been working in the recruitment and talent acqui...

The human face of inflation

​Like the pandemic, the impact of inflation will be felt in many different ways, with implications for staff and the business.Last week, Lloyd's CEO John Neal said he had written to staff announcin...

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ECMS partners with Recite Me to provide a fully inclusive and accessible digital experience

​ECMS has partnered with the accessibility technology provider, Recite Me to enable website visitors to customise their online experience in a way that best suits their individual needs. It is est...

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Just-in-case versus just-in-time: A supply chain analogy

We are living through a period of massive upheaval and uncertainty. Predicting what even the next 24 months will hold is nigh on impossible. One thing we do know: You can't shrink to greatness.Unle...

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Trends and challenges for the Business Analyst community

The business analyst community has been going through a major shift over the last few years due to a massive increase in digitalisation coupled with factors such as Brexit, IR35 and the global econ...

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Why you don't want to be a slow husky

​Innovation for innovation's sake can send you down an expensive rabbit hole. Ask yourself: what question are you trying to answer and is the customer at the heart of it? The insurance industry is ...

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Learning from the UAE

​​The United Arab Emirates is a perfect example of what an economy unconstrained by legacy systems, with a gleaming vision can achieve with massive - almost unlimited - investment. And we ignore it...

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​Putting learning before earning

There is much talk of the great resignation and an impending talent crisis. If you want to retain your best people in the current climate, you'll need to completely re-evaluate what your staff real...

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Kevin Hall joins ECMS as delivery director

​​We’re delighted to announce Kevin Hall has joined the ECMS team as a Delivery Director.Kevin brings a strong background in consulting, with a career spanning 9 years at CGI, most recently as dir...

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Why do smart people make bad decisions?

​​Why do smart people make bad decisions? This is a question I have been puzzling over for some time. And I’ve arrived at a few conclusions. By ‘bad decisions’ I don’t mean minor missteps about hir...

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Lloyd's turns the spotlight to culture

​​For the first time, Lloyd's Project Rio places culture at the front and centre of a set of principles-based standards syndicates must strive to achieve. We can all point to examples of toxic corp...