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RPA Implementation, Global Reinsurance

  • Publish Date: Posted almost 4 years ago
  • Author:by Mark Weller


We were engaged on a proof of concept pilot to design and implement a full end to end RPA using UiPath for specific business processes that were manually intensive.  


The stakeholders for the two lines of business were running complex processes over several different platforms, using unstructured data processes with unstructured process definition in place.  The number of applications, legacy IT infrastructure and unstructured data would challenge the outcome.  


We deployed a small team to lead the project, gather the requirements from the business and define processes effectively. The signed off processes would then be passed to our developer to implement the sequences required through the studio before deployment.  


The project pilot outcome resulted in two separate outcomes. Firstly, we were able to deliver a fully automated end to end process using UiPath. This process will be run in parallel initially but with the expectation this will then run alone. Secondly, for a more complex line of business, we were able to show key benefits of automation, however, the full end to end definition of the processes was subject to more complex processes that required a review of data process flows. This outcome demonstrated the need to deliver a more robust process before full automation could be achieved. The anticipated financial savings will come in employee hours.