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We recognise that technology plays a significant benefit in realising the benefits of strategic data programmes. Our consulting approach to supporting our clients means we can recommend and advise on point solutions which can help in overcoming operational and technology challenges relating to data migration, enrichment, remediation, access, workflow and automation tools.

​Mitigating risk across your entire organisation

For over 30 years, Mitratech has been providing solutions to complex business units, by deepening organisational alignment, increasing visibility, and spurring collaboration across the enterprise.

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Low-code solution provider

The Netcall Liberty Platform is an all-in-one customer experience platform that provides organisations the tools to make huge, transformational changes, fast. Liberty is a tightly integrated suite of AI-powered automation and customer engagement solutions, that lets you manage and improve customer experience.

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Unstructured data intelligence

Ohalo provide real-time discovery, classification, and sensitive data redaction. Helping organisations and data privacy, compliance, and security professionals govern their unstructured data universe.

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