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Revolutionising Wagering Systems: A Case Study in Agile Transformation and Resource Management
ByJeremy Nicholls
Posted on April 2024

​The client, a global leader in wagering organisation, is authorised by the government to oversee horse racing and offer responsible sports wagering and lottery services. ECMS Asia’s collaboration ...

Spotlight on... Mary Delfin
ByMary Delfin
Posted on March 2024

​What is your role in ECMS?Consultant (Data and Digital Specialist)What drives you?I am driven by the opportunity to excel in sales, meet and exceed targets, and, most importantly, build genuine co...

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Spotlight on... Wendy Li
ByWendy Li
Posted on February 2024

What is your role in ECMS?Associate Director.What drives you?What truly drives me is the opportunity to cultivate the next generation and set people up for success. Witnessing the growth and achiev...

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Automating underwriting: embedding artificial intelligence in insurance business
ByMark Weller
Posted on February 2024

Amid all the excitement over the business transformation that will be driven by the appetite for artificial intelligence, the reality of what companies will do about implementing AI over the next 1...

Welcome: Lauren Walker, Business Analyst at ECMS
ByKevin Hall
Posted on January 2024

We are very excited to welcome Lauren Walker to our BA Centre of Excellence team.Hailing from New Zealand, where she earned her degree in Visual Communication Design, Lauren transitioned to a caree...

Digital transformation in an enterprise environment: is your strategy agile enough to overcome every challenge?
ByJeremy Nicholls
Posted on November 2023

An important calculation organisations need to make before implementing a digital transformation strategy in an enterprise environment is whether the rigour and flexibility of that strategy is suff...

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Getting re-connected: bridging the divide between management and employees is about choosing the right change to make
ByMark Weller
Posted on November 2023

​In the current climate of uncertainty, you might expect to see less of a focus on growth and fewer programmes of change. In truth, I have seen some positivity in the market around growth, despite ...

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Spotlight on... Angela Docherty
ByAngela Docherty
Posted on October 2023

​What is your role at ECMS?Business Analyst - ConsultantWhat has been your biggest challenge in your career so far and how have you overcome it?I got stuck in a job I hated and didn’t have the rig...

On the right path: A focus on enthusing your team for a successful return to the office
ByKim Gray
Posted on October 2023

A recent survey by KPMG found that two-thirds of the 1300+ CEOs surveyed anticipated a full return to the office by 2026, with 87% of global respondents suggesting that both remuneration and career...

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The dynamic duo: How culture and communication shape project outcomes
ByRoss Carter
Posted on October 2023

​What is behind the success of certain projects and the failure of others? During my involvement with technology and business transformation programmes in the Hong Kong market, this is a topic that...