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ECMS partners with Mitratech to manage Shadow IT and uncover hidden risk

  • Publish Date: Posted about 1 year ago
  • Author:by Carlos Mingo

Our strategic partnership with Mitratech and ClusterSeven is here to help mitigate risk for enterprises in the insurance and financial services sector.

Bringing to light End User Computing assets hidden across your enterprise

With ClusterSeven we can discover and manage the hidden, sensitive spreadsheets, applications, and data assets that lie outside of IT’s control – and create risk. By easily and efficiently capturing and maintaining an inventory of the files your organization relies upon and monitor who’s making changes, we can help you meet audit and compliance requirements and prevent problems before they impact your enterprise.

“Organisations looking to uncover hidden risks search for guidelines and technology that ensure their compliance and operational success in this endeavor. ECMS’s deep knowledge of the insurance market allows them to accurately advise companies, as well as make future recommendations, based on a current state assessment. Furthermore, ECMS can also assist in implementing Mitratech’s technology to support other strategic business innovations in the future, delivering increased transparency, efficiency, and collaboration across the organisation.

"When combining Mitratech's Alyne or ClusterSeven technology and ECMS' deep industry expertise, you empower your organization with next-generation capabilities critical to ensuring a comprehensive look into your risk management program, uncovering even hidden risks, and obtaining full visibility of your true risk exposure. Time to increase transparency, transform compliance processes, and boost collaboration across enterprises and third parties.” - Henry Umney, Managing Director of GRC Strategy, Mitratech

How we work with Mitratech

"Mitratech's suite of tools empowers us to tackle our clients' most complex regulatory and compliance challenges head-on. With our expertise and Mitratech's cutting-edge technology, we're able to provide innovative solutions that solve our clients' challenges effectively and efficiently.

One of the tools we utilise is ClusterSeven, which offers unparalleled visibility into our clients' EUC (End-User Computing) estate. This allows us to identify and address potential risks and issues that may have gone unnoticed in the past, giving our clients peace of mind knowing they're prepared for any regulatory audits or compliance checks." - Carlos Mingo, Senior Manager – ECMS

If you would like to chat further about what ClusterSeven can do for your business - contact us.