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Revolutionising Wagering Systems: A Case Study in Agile Transformation and Resource Management

  • Publish Date: Posted about 1 month ago
  • Author:by Jeremy Nicholls

​The client, a global leader in wagering organisation, is authorised by the government to oversee horse racing and offer responsible sports wagering and lottery services. ECMS Asia’s collaboration with the client entailed furnishing extensive program resources to conceptualise and implement the next iteration of the client’s wagering systems, encompassing parimutuels and fixed odds, adhering to the client’s project delivery framework. With a budget exceeding 500 million USD and spanning multiple years, the initiative demanded the establishment of a novel infrastructure ecosystem alongside the development of intricate software applications tailored for operation within a high-frequency, low-latency trading milieu.


Delivery of large-scale specialised resources

Securing comprehensive large-scale specialised resources poses a significant hurdle, requiring meticulous planning and coordination to ensure the availability of skilled personnel and appropriate tools throughout the project lifecycle.

Maintaining low program attrition rates

Maintaining minimal program attrition rates presents an ongoing challenge, necessitating proactive measures to mitigate turnover and retain key team members, ensuring continuity and consistency in project execution.

Enabling transformational move from waterfall to agile delivery

Facilitating a transformative shift from traditional waterfall to agile delivery methodologies involves overcoming resistance to change, fostering a culture of collaboration and adaptability, and implementing robust training programs to equip teams with the necessary skills and mindset for agile practices. 

Migrating away from legacy systems

Executing a seamless migration from legacy systems entails navigating complexities associated with data migration, system integration, and stakeholder buy-in, necessitating meticulous planning, rigorous testing, and effective change management strategies to minimise disruptions and ensure the successful transition to modernised platforms. 


We developed a customised Resource Augmentation solution tailored to our client's unique needs, enabling the seamless integration of project resources into a sophisticated program model. This model encompassed diverse teams from multiple customers and vendors, necessitating a cohesive approach to resource management.

Our solution included establishing representation within the program Project Management Office (PMO) and ensuring alignment of resource deployment with project budgets and critical milestones. We proactively identified and addressed potential risks by doing so, enhancing the overall project delivery process.

As the program transitioned into a steady state and projects moved towards Business-as-usual (BAU) operations, our solution facilitated the smooth transition of staff members into roles directly aligned with the client's operational needs. This transition ensured business continuity, leveraging the expertise and experience gained throughout the program to support ongoing operations effectively. 


Successfully adopted the client’s methodology and best practise

The project witnessed a successful integration of the client’s methodology and best practices, marking a pivotal achievement in aligning our approach with the client's standards. This integration ensured coherence and efficiency throughout the project lifecycle, enhancing collaboration and streamlining processes. 

Reduced “time to hire” resources (50+%)

Furthermore, our efforts resulted in a remarkable reduction in the "time to hire" resources by over 50%, significantly expediting the onboarding process and enabling the swift mobilisation of talent to meet project demands.

130+ resources deployed.

With over 130 resources deployed, our team demonstrated robust capacity and capability to meet the project's scale and complexity, leveraging our extensive network and expertise to assemble a skilled workforce tailored to the project's needs. 

Supported transformation to agile (Sprints, CI/CD pipelines, DevOps)

Moreover, our support was crucial in transforming agile methodologies and implementing practices such as Sprints, CI/CD pipelines, and DevOps. This transition enhanced flexibility, efficiency, and responsiveness, empowering the team to adapt to evolving requirements and consistently deliver high-quality results. 

The next generation of the client’s wagering systems delivered.

Our efforts culminated in successfully delivering the next generation of the client’s wagering systems. This achievement underscores our commitment to innovation and excellence, leveraging cutting-edge technologies and industry best practices to provide solutions that meet and exceed client expectations. 

Reduce T&M cost by 35%

Additionally, our initiatives substantially reduced Time and Materials (T&M) costs by 35%, reflecting our dedication to optimising resource utilisation and cost-effectiveness without compromising quality or delivery timelines. This achievement demonstrates our ability to drive efficiency and value across project operations, ultimately contributing to the project's overall success and client satisfaction.

In summary, ECMS Asia's collaboration with the client exemplified our commitment to excellence and innovation in delivering transformative solutions. Despite significant challenges in securing specialised resources, maintaining low attrition rates, transitioning to agile methodologies, and migrating from legacy systems, our tailored approach and proactive strategies yielded remarkable results.

Through our customised Resource Augmentation solution, we seamlessly integrated project resources, ensuring alignment with project budgets and milestones. This facilitated a smooth transition to Business-as-usual (BAU) operations, providing continuity and business success.