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The social responsibility of insurance: Insights from enriched data solutions

The world is becoming ever more complicated. Who would have anticipated devastating wildfires in Maui this year, or the sheer speed and devastation of Hurricane Idalia which, with an estimated insu...

Melissa Roach
Spotlight on... Melissa Roach

What is your role at ECMS?Senior Consultant, Business AnalystWhat has been the biggest challenge in your career?Adjusting my skills to adapt to a hybrid role of Project Management and Business Anal...

Avoiding the white elephants: balancing workbenches and user experience in transformation projects

​Everything seems to be about optimisation at the moment. Across many different business sectors, and particularly in insurance, everywhere you go people are talking about workbenches.For organisat...

Welcome: Melissa Roach, Senior Consultant at ECMS

​We are very excited to welcome Melissa to our BA Centre of Excellence Team.Melissa is a dynamic professional with ten years’ of experience within the financial services industry, who has proven to...

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Optimisation through AI: a call to arms

​In my last blog ‘Outsourcing: Has the pendulum swung too far?’, I suggested some organisations may have risked throwing the baby out with the bathwater by outsourcing and offshoring too many of th...

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Streamlining IFRS 17 Compliance for enhanced control and risk mitigation

Implementing Mitratech ClusterSeven EUC Management ToolAs part of a larger finance transformation programme, our client, a leading insurance company, embarked on a journey to implement the new Inte...

Alexia Agbaje
Spotlight on... Alexia Agbaje

What is your role at ECMS?I am a Project Management Officer (PMO) and my responsibilities include overseeing the entire portfolio of collective projects and programs across the organisation, analys...

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Getting down to the basics of DE&I

Like any change process, measuring the success of an organisation’s diversity, equity and inclusion (DE&I) initiatives should never be about just ticking boxes on a checklist. Not only does a DE&I ...

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Staying relevant is a cultural issue

Although the word ‘transformation’ was being bandied about the London insurance market well before the pandemic hit, few could have imagined the scale of change that the industry would be forced to...

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Claims Optimisation of a Global Insurance Broker using Low Code

The TaskThe task was to support the implementation of an end-to-end claims solution to replace and improve the existing out-of-date governance database for a Tier one insurance broker, to create a ...

Welcome: Alexia Agbaje, Project Management Officer at ECMS

​We are very excited to introduce the newest member of our ECMS team, Alexia Agbaje. Alexia joins us as a Project Management Officer and will help maintain our project governance, standards, and as...

The law of unintended consequences

​The sudden collapse of Silicon Valley Bank (SVB), followed barely a week later by the decline of Credit Suisse Group, raised the ugly spectre of another banking crisis to rival the crash of 2008.T...