Mark Weller is the Managing Partner at ECMS, managing and driving the company’s vision and strategy.

Working with both local and global clients throughout his career, Mark has extensive knowledge of the technology, insurance and financial services markets, with for over 15 years of experience.

Utilising his expertise to design, deliver and sustain multi-sited specialist projects across numerous geographies and sectors, Mark provides an agile consultancy that is current, and unrivalled in its sector.

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Staying relevant is a cultural issue

Although the word ‘transformation’ was being bandied about the London insurance market well before the pandemic hit, few could have imagined the scale of change that the industry would be forced to...

Use it or lose it

​With the reality that we are in a new business cycle, insurers and brokers are finally beginning to invest in multi-year transformation programs. But there has to be a few quick wins along the jou...

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Welcome: Pete Machin, Lead Business Analyst at ECMS

​We’re delighted to announce Pete Machin has joined the ECMS team as a Lead Business Analyst.A word from Pete: I join ECMS during an exciting time of growth, and with over 20 years project experien...

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ECMS partners with Ohalo Data X-Ray to shine a light on unstructured data

Our strategic partnership with Ohalo allows us to extend high-precision unstructured data extraction and classification services for enterprises in the insurance and financial services sector. Solv...

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Four trends in insurance modernisation

​From the energy crisis and inflation through to issues surrounding tech talent, here are Mark Weller's top four trends in insurance modernisation for this autumn.​We all know we are operating thro...

Welcome: Adele Bywater new Talent Manager at ECMS

​We’re delighted to announce AdeleBywater has joined the ECMS team as a Talent Manager.A word from Adele: As an HR masters and CIPD graduate, I have been working in the recruitment and talent acqui...

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Just-in-case versus just-in-time: A supply chain analogy

We are living through a period of massive upheaval and uncertainty. Predicting what even the next 24 months will hold is nigh on impossible. One thing we do know: You can't shrink to greatness.Unle...

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​Putting learning before earning

There is much talk of the great resignation and an impending talent crisis. If you want to retain your best people in the current climate, you'll need to completely re-evaluate what your staff real...

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Kevin Hall joins ECMS as delivery director

​​We’re delighted to announce Kevin Hall has joined the ECMS team as a Delivery Director.Kevin brings a strong background in consulting, with a career spanning 9 years at CGI, most recently as dir...

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Fail to plan, plan to fail

​​Planning and ownership are critical to the success of transformation programmes as we enter a new business cycle. Change is afoot. As economies emerge from the pandemic we are poised for our most...

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No half measures – dig deep for digital transformation

​​Digital transformation has dominated the insurance landscape for the last decade and, as time has gone on, that conversation has only become more intense. Covid-19 undeniably accelerated some tra...

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Comprehensive Windows 10 Migration For Specialty Insurer

The TaskTo migrate business units running Windows 7 to Windows 10, streamline the company’s use of the software and related applications, educating new users while finding cost and workflow effici...