Unstructured data intelligence

Ohalo provide real-time discovery, classification, and sensitive data redaction. Helping organisations and data privacy, compliance, and security professionals govern their unstructured data universe.

Data X-Ray

Ohalo use Data X-ray to automate the discovery, classification, and redaction of documents at 100,000s words per second. Using this technology we can examine all unstructured data files in your data environment, potentially saving significant long-term storage and data governance costs.

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Working with ECMS


In-depth market knowledge with a focus on insurance operations (Claims, Underwriting, Pricing) and IT Transformation.

High impact

Our quality assurance framework ensures consistent delivery whilst retaining agility during the project lifecycle.


Benefit from our unique access to market talent through our flexible agile delivery model.


We're part of the Eames Group, with a network of 140 specialist consultants in the UK, USA and Asia.

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The truth about unstructured data

We live in an age of Big Data, where the explosion of information means we have opportunity for insights at our fingertips. For the insurance industry, the challenge is how to distil these down into what is material, and how to gain access to them.

We're delighted to partner up with ECMS to provide their clients with our innovative Data X-Ray solution. With ECMS's understanding and expertise of financial institutions' transformation needs, we're confident that they will help take Ohalo's Data X-Ray solution to a larger market.​

Head of Alliances and Partnerships - Ohalo

Mark Law, Head of Alliances and Partnerships - Ohalo

​Our partners are carefully selected for the innovation they bring and the ability to add value through a deep understanding of our clients’ use cases and the sectors they operate in. With 80% of data within an organisation held in unstructured formats we are incredibly excited about the future, and the solutions we can bring.

Delivery Director at ECMS

Kevin Hall, Delivery Director at ECMS

Our partnership network


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